Mr. Danny M. Loftin, Central Intelligence Agency (retired)

Mr. Danny M. Loftin, Central Intelligence Agency (retired)

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Mr. Danny Loftin was an Operations Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency from 1968 to 2003. He spent fifteen years overseas in U.S. embassies in the Soviet Union, Europe, Latin America and Africa performing diplomatic and intelligence duties using French, Spanish and Russian. His senior positions during Washington and inter-agency assignments focused on helping defeat Cold War opponents, including seven years of operational partnering with all military services, and training and mentoring thousands of new civilian and military professionals working in foreign affairs. Mr. Loftin received the CIA’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and Donovan Award.

His key Washington leadership assignments included serving as CIA Collection Coordinator Against Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact (1986-89), first CIA Representative to General Colin Powell’s Joint Staff Pentagon (1991-92), Associate Director of Operations of DIA’s new Defense HUMINT Service (1992-93), Co-Leadership of CIA Office of Military Affairs support to U.S. Military (1994-95), and CIA Liaison with U.S. Military Special Operations (1996-97).

Mr. Loftin’s instructor/training experience consisted of the Intelligence Cycle – Collection, Analysis and Dissemination (2001-2010), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training – inter & intrapersonal skills (2003-07), Counter-Terrorism (CT) small unit leadership and tactics (2010-2016), and The Russia Threat – USG inter-agency civilian/military training (2009-2018).

Mr. Loftin has a BA in Psychology from Wake Forest University, Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa (1966), and an MA in Soviet Studies, University of Kentucky Patterson School of Diplomacy (1967). He also completed the Levinson Leadership Seminar, CIA (1987), Countering Terrorist Tactics, CIA (1989), International Organized Crime Intelligence Issues, CIA (1998), EQ instructor trained (2002), and CIA Level-One Instructor, trained and certified (2003).