Junior Professional: $75 (Regular membership for individuals age 35 and younger, includes automatic inclusion in LCFR’s Book Club).

Delegate: $175 (Regular membership; includes automatic inclusion in LCFR’s book club)

Diplomat: $300 (One regular membership at $175; includes one complimentary guest past per year to any LCFR meeting; automatic inclusion in LCFR’s book club)

Consul: $750 (One regular membership at $175 and two student scholarships at $300 each or $600; includes automatic inclusion in LCFR’s book club)

About Student Scholarships: Student scholarships are awarded to those enrolled in political science degree programs at area universities and who demonstrate high academic achievement, potential career interest in international affairs, and strong leadership qualities. A scholarship includes one year-long membership in LCFR, meal expenses, and possible nomination to attend the ACFR Young Leaders Initiative . The Initiative seeks to further the interests of students in national security interests of the U.S. through constructive face-to-face dialogue between citizens and foreign policy experts and other professionals. Designated expenses for the Initiative are covered by LCFR, with the support of additional funding by LCFR members.