- Ali Wyne is a senior analyst with Eurasia Group's Global Macro-Geopolitics practice, focusing on US-China relations and great-power competition. He has served as a junior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a research assistant at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and a policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. Ali is the author of America’s Great-Power… Read More

Future Speakers

  • - October 26 Luncheon - Mr. Daniel Loftin, Central Intelligence Agency, ret., "Realities of Dealing with Russia" .
- At the direction of King Philippe of Belgium, former Louisville Committee on Foreign Relations Chairman, Alfred Welsh, has recently been made an officer in Belgium's Order of Leopold, which is one of that country's oldest and highest-ranking Orders. Al was given a medal as a distinction in recognition of his 40 years of meritorious service and all that he has… Read More
- The next Book Club meeting will be Monday, October 2nd at the home of Chuck Ziegler and Janna Tajibaeva, 7:00pm. We will be reading Grand Delusion: The Rise and Fall of American Ambition in the Middle East, by Steven Simon (Penguin Press, 2023). Read More

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Welcome to the Louisville Committee on Foreign Relations (LCFR) website. Since 1938, the LCFR has been working to help advance public dialogue on foreign relations. Our members are drawn from the highest levels of the diplomatic, academic, political, military and scientific communities.

The mission of the Louisville Committee on Foreign Relations is to promote a high-level, non-partisan dialogue on American foreign policy and foreign affairs in the Louisville metropolitan region. The LCFR seeks to promote a more informed foreign policy by bridging the divide between broader public opinion and the established foreign policy making community.

Past Speakers

The Louisvillee Committee is very honored to have all of its speakers that have joined us in sharing their stories and perspectives with you, our members, over the years. If you are interested in seeing our past speakers and their topics, you can view them by going to our Archives page.